Gold ‘n Gavel League of Heroes Nominations

Nominations for ASU Law’s Gold ‘n Gavel League of Heroes is now open! Nominate your hero below.

We will be honoring those who have served as mentors to ASU Law graduates or friends of ASU Law to help them become great lawyers or industry professionals. We want to know who guided you through law school or during your career. It can be one defining moment or a series of interactions. It could be the faithful study partner who got you through civil procedure or contract law, or the kindly senior associate who lent you nice suits for your first trial or job interview. No one does this alone, now is your opportunity to express your gratitude.

Nominees must be living and able to:

  • Attend the 6th Annual Gold n’ Gavel event, Friday, November 16, 2018 at the Beus Center for Law and Society in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Do an on-camera interview prior to the event.

You and your nominee do not need to reside in the Phoenix area to be eligible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nominations must be in the name of a single individual, at least 21 years of age who is living and able to attend this year’s event in Phoenix, Arizona, on the evening of November 16, 2018. Nominees do not need to be in the legal profession or associated with ASU Law. Nominees and their nominators can be related by family, employment or friendship. Groups and organizations are not eligible for consideration.

Because of the high volume of nominations received, we cannot respond individually to each submission. However, if your nomination advances, we will contact you and your nominee through the contact information you provide.

Please make every effort to provide as much contact information as possible. We require either an email address or telephone number so we may quickly contact your nominee to obtain permission for consideration as a Gold n’ Gavel Hero.

Yes, you may upload a Microsoft Word Document or PDF where indicated in the form.

No, all nominations must be submitted online through this website.

When filling out your form, please note that certain information is required. Those fields are marked with an asterisk (*). ASU Law is not responsible for technical problems that may prevent your submission from being successfully transmitted. You may wish to first write and save the answers to essay questions in a word-processing document. That way, if you need to resubmit your nomination, you can cut and paste those answers into the form and avoid having to rewrite them.

Selected nominators and nominees will be featured at the law school’s 6th Annual Gold ‘n Gavel Auction and Reception on November 16, 2018 at the Beus Center for Law and Society in Phoenix, Arizona. Honorees will be responsible for their travel and accommodations to the event. ASU Law will produce a series of videos and articles for publication about the honorees.

Nominations are now closed. THank You